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Over a million Bounce Back loans approved for SMEs

Chancellor Rishi Sunak: “I’m delighted that more than a million loans have been approved – and we will continue to do all we can to support small business as they reopen their doors in the weeks ahead.”

Many Brits are feeling anxious about returning to work

Britain is facing a mental health crisis with Covid-19 causing a lot of stress and anxiety – particularly as people prepare to start returning to the workplace.

UK job ads more likely to mention pet-friendly perks than parental leave policies

Of those surveyed, 60% worry that asking about parental leave policies in an interview might give the interviewer a reason not to choose them for the job.

Firms risk losing business if they demonstrate poor data security practices

There has been a marked increase in cyberattack attempts on businesses as criminals try to exploit organisations that are now operating remotely.

Self-employed warned that Covid-19 grant is taxable

Grants made to the self-employed and partners in trading businesses under the SEISS scheme are likely to be included in claimants’ 2020/21 self-assessment tax returns

Firms reminded to reinstate VAT direct debit to avoid penalty

HMRC recommends that new direct debit mandates be set up at least three working days before submitting a VAT return in order to ensure the amount is taken in time.

FSB outlines recommendations to Chancellor as many firms face reopening costs

FSB: ‘The fundamental question facing small businesses today is: can I open in a way that’s both commercially viable and safe?’.

New government code provides support to shops and local firms

The suspension of the forfeiture of evictions will come as a relief in particular to pubs, cafes and restaurants after the hospitality sector called upon the government for action in this area.