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UK workers look to employers for support during second lockdown

Fifty-two per cent of workers think that employers will not offer them additional support, despite 64% wanting further help from their employer.

Sick pay rules could leave key workers at a disadvantage

As part of a six-step plan, the REC is calling on the government to ensure no one is left behind by funding Statutory Sick Pay support for every worker.

£134 million investment for green businesses

The investment forms part of the government’s commitment to support the UK’s entrepreneurs and start-ups to scale up their innovations.

Employers urged not to let lockdown impact IR35 preparations

Despite a second lockdown, there are several ‘business as usual’ activities that need to be maintained – such as preparations for the private sector IR35 reform.

Three-quarters of workers would quit their job because of poor management

Twenty-four per cent of UK professionals said their manager lacked empathy, good communication and honesty.

Remote working exposing SMEs to cyber attacks

With Covid restrictions and less people on the high street, the run up to Christmas will see a jump in eCommerce purchasing which is already being targeted by cyber-criminals.

SMEs call for action as self-employed numbers shrink

FSB: ‘Our self-employed community was fundamental to our recovery from the last recession. If we want it to play that same role again, policymakers must do more to support it’.

Calls for firms to be more strategic with recruiting diverse candidates

CIPD: ‘The findings of this report suggest that improvements in workforce diversity have happened by accident rather than design’.