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HMRC urged to reconsider large business compliance obligation

An example of an uncertain tax treatment is where a business believes that HMRC may not agree with their interpretation of the legislation, case law or guidance.

UK businesses are optimistic about Covid-19 recovery

A survey of more than 1,500 executives has been carried out to understand how businesses are responding to this ongoing period of unprecedented economic change.

FSB calling for transition vouchers as UK-EU negotiations resume

FSB: ‘If the government wants firms to take preparatory action over the next few months, it needs to help them to do so. Business minds are, understandably, still very much focussed on coronavirus’.

Government puts a stop to Lloyds ‘bundling’ business accounts with Bounce Back Loans

‘Bundling’ is where a bank requires small business customers to open a business current account (BCA) with them when applying for a loan.

Kickstart scheme welcomed, but more needs to be done

FSB: ‘As schools and colleges in England open their doors to pupils, many for first time in half a year, it’s critical now more than ever that every pupil is afforded the best possible opportunity to succeed and give them the tools to thrive in their adult and working lives’.

Tax hike unfair to the unsupported self-employed

IPSE: ‘If the government wants to avoid the country slumping further into recession, it must not squeeze this struggling and vital sector with unjust tax hikes’.

Employers urged to provide training for managers to support staff with drug and alcohol issues

The report highlights the need for employers to take a preventative and proactive approach to drug and alcohol misuse.

Government campaign for workplace return

CIPD: ‘The government’s drive for individuals to return to their workplace should not leave them feeling pressured or duty-bound to do so’.