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Majority of MPs believe Prompt Payment Code should be compulsory for larger firms

AAT: ‘In this economic climate, small businesses need support more than ever – they simply cannot afford to operate while waiting to be paid. Given the pivotal role small and micro business play in our economy, robust measures are needed to ensure late payments are dealt with seriously’.

Financial wellbeing support in the workplace helps employees with money stress

Bippet: ‘Encouraging open money conversations is a critical business initiative so that employees can be signposted to the right financial wellbeing support at the right time. Without this, our organisations are left with an elephant in the room when it comes to financial stress’.

Four-day working week could get more workers into the office

Unispace: ‘It is perhaps no surprise that many employees are keen on a shift to a four-day working week given the increased flexibility in how and where people work. However, we feel that it could also have real benefits for many employers’.

Many workers in their 50s retired due to job dissatisfaction

Phoenix Group: ‘Good quality, satisfying jobs matter to people of all ages. For those over 50, we know that it’s particularly important that jobs provide flexibility, support for people with caring responsibilities and health conditions, and opportunities to develop skills’.

HMRC acknowledge that R&D improvements are needed

CIOT: ‘We remain of the view that the current volume compliance approach does not work well for R&D tax relief claims, due to the complex nature of the relief and the technical consideration required in ascertaining whether or not there has been a qualifying R&D project’.

Many firms offering counteroffers to retain employees

CIPD: ‘Counteroffers may help to retain key staff and avoid knowledge drains and the cost to hire new people, but this must be weighed up against other considerations’.

London jobs fall by nearly a quarter

APSCo: ‘While inflation is starting to fall, the latest data does show that the UK’s sluggish economy is hitting the capital hard, but the current skills landscape is not helping employers either’.

Policy makers urged to help SMEs in the lead up to Christmas spending

FSB: ‘These small businesses have already dealt with numerous challenges this year, from rising interest rates to high inflation and the extra weight of energy costs, but now is the chance to make a real difference so we can end the year on a high note’.