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Over 3,000 people filed their tax returns on Christmas Day

HMRC: ‘We are grateful to those customers who have already filed their tax returns. For anyone who is yet to make a start, help is available on GOV.UK’.

Majority of firms are paid late

Chaser: ‘Almost 9 out of 10 businesses are paid late with over a quarter admitting to struggling to keep on top of their accounts receivable tasks every month’.

Many workers eager to bring nature into the workplace

Unispace: ‘People saw the benefits of being outside during the pandemic and as we face a tough economy globally, staff are looking to their employers to help support their mental wellbeing’.

Taxpayers warned not to get caught out by expensive call connection services for HMRC

LITRG: ‘Considering the often long waiting times to get through to HMRC operators, mistaking one of these services for a direct call to one of HMRC’s own helpline numbers can be costly’.

Majority of UK workers expect a pay rise in the new year

CV-Library: ‘Businesses cannot be expected to fully bridge the cost-of-living gaps for their staff. They also face unprecedented cost increases, and much uncertainty lies ahead’.

HMRC push back mandatory MTD for income tax self-assessment

HMRC: ‘HMRC remains committed to the delivery of Making Tax Digital as a critical part of our strategy for digitalising and modernising the tax system, but we want to make sure we get this right and deliver it effectively’.

Government to scrap Help to Grow: Digital scheme

FSB: “This decision creates a vacuum in public policy tech adoption. If this is cancelled, what is the Government’s plan to boost digital productivity?’.

Basic rate rise creating further pressure for SMEs

FSB: ‘Many small businesses are struggling at the moment. They need certainty and support, to help them make the most of the festive season, and enter the new year in a spirit of optimism’.