Author: Jaime Thorpe

Over a million Bounce Back loans approved for SMEs

Chancellor Rishi Sunak: “I’m delighted that more than a million loans have been approved – and we will continue to do all we can to support small business as they reopen their doors in the weeks ahead.”

UK job ads more likely to mention pet-friendly perks than parental leave policies

Of those surveyed, 60% worry that asking about parental leave policies in an interview might give the interviewer a reason not to choose them for the job.

Firms reminded to reinstate VAT direct debit to avoid penalty

HMRC recommends that new direct debit mandates be set up at least three working days before submitting a VAT return in order to ensure the amount is taken in time.

Businesses remain confident despite pandemic

A recent study has revealed a high degree of confidence and optimism despite the challenges of the current crisis.

More important than ever for businesses to use technology to support learning

CIPD: ‘Learning has never been more important for business, the UK and working lives – we needed it before COVID-19 and we need it even more now’.

Workers look to employers for support as wellbeing drops during lockdown

Over a quarter of workers surveyed said a lack of social interaction has been the greatest challenge to their wellbeing.

Majority of recruitment firms reviewing office space needs due to Covid-19

Despite government support packages such as the Job Retention Scheme, 46% of respondents in the recruitment sector are still planning redundancies.

Government to launch Coronavirus statutory sick pay scheme this month

The Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme was announced at Budget as part of a package of support measures for businesses affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.