Author: Jaime Thorpe

Majority of MPs believe Prompt Payment Code should be compulsory for larger firms

AAT: ‘In this economic climate, small businesses need support more than ever – they simply cannot afford to operate while waiting to be paid. Given the pivotal role small and micro business play in our economy, robust measures are needed to ensure late payments are dealt with seriously’.

Many Brits saving money by being savvy about sustainability

Aviva: ‘Our research suggests people are becoming more inclined to repair, renovate and recycle as they look to live sustainably as well as save cash’.

Many firms offering counteroffers to retain employees

CIPD: ‘Counteroffers may help to retain key staff and avoid knowledge drains and the cost to hire new people, but this must be weighed up against other considerations’.

REC response to Labour party pledges

REC: ‘This must include reform of the apprenticeship levy which has become a driver of lower apprenticeship starts and completions for young people. It is devastating to our economy to have 960,000 people – out of the one million temporary workers on assignment every day – excluded from accessing the levy’.

Majority of workers don’t want to hot-desk

Unispace: ‘It does appear that some businesses are overlooking what their people really need and the fact that almost half of firms have a hot-desking set up, despite staff showing a desire for assigned spaces, suggests there is a disconnect between employers and employees’.

Work-life balance top priority for Gen Z workers

GMAC: ‘Gen Z are a highly socially conscious and aware generation that manages to balance ambitious future career plans alongside anxiety for the future of their community and the world’.

HMRC encouraging people to file self-assessment tax return early

HMRC: ‘Customers who file their tax return early get to see exactly what they owe and have more time to budget, reducing the stress around Self Assessment’.

SMEs call for government help as base rate rises again

FSB: ‘If small firms are to boom, as we want them to, the Government could do a lot to help create the conditions for them to rebound. We want to see a comprehensive menu for small business growth and recovery on the table – from clamping down on late payment, to extending business rates relief, to increasing the VAT threshold’.