Author: Sophie Lewis

3,000 taxpayers spent Christmas Day filing

Thousands of taxpayers across the country decided to sort out their tax return on Christmas Day.

Growing international demand for British stationery and greeting cards

Key destinations include the US, where sales grew by 87.8% (£3.9 million) between 2015 and 2018, while exports to Australia doubled in the same period.

Number of recruitment companies has grown by 500% in 20 years

Recruitment growth has increased particularly rapidly over the last decade, with 84% of company registrations taking place from 2008 to 2018.

HMRC warns customers of self assessment tax scams

HMRC operates a dedicated Customer Protection team to identify and close down scams but is advising customers to recognise the signs to avoid becoming victims themselves.

AAT responds to Conservative Party’s victory

AAT: ‘With the canvassing, polling and counting now behind us, it’s time for the work to restart again.’

FSB respond to Labour Party’s SME pledges

Labour plans to launch ’20 pledges to business’ to help smaller sized firms and rejuvenate Britain’s high streets.

SMEs more worried about rising energy costs than Brexit

Nearly half of SMEs have slashed staff working hours to pay for rising energy bills, with nine per cent seeing their energy bills jump by a massive 500GBP or more per year.

Employers urged to address engineering skills gap caused by retirement

WR Engineering: ‘With an ageing workforce meaning hundreds of thousands of engineering roles will need replacing, companies must do their utmost to encourage young people to become engineers and skilled technicians.’