Author: Sophie Lewis

Government warned that using agency workers to replace those on strike breaches international labour standards

APSCo: ‘We are surprised by the unexpected move to amend the agency legislation, which will only restrict the impact of workers exercising their rights to strike’.

Over half of Brits say they admire SMEs but are too afraid to start up their own

AXA UK: ‘Launching your own business is a huge decision, one that requires courage, self-belief, and drive. Despite the challenges that face small businesses, the majority of those who have done it believe it’s one of the best decisions they’ve ever made’.

Many oppose government’s Online Sales Tax proposals

CIOT: ‘Designing and implementing a brand-new tax to remedy perceived unfairness in the business rates regime is a disproportionate way of addressing the challenges facing the high street. It is better to modernise the business rates system – something that is long overdue’.

Report shows too many hirers are making incorrect IR35 decisions

IPSE: ‘Today’s report is a damning indictment of the IR35 rules. It shows that the flawed reforms have had devastating consequences for hirers and self-employed workers alike.’

Majority of SMEs were impacted by late payment at start of 2022

FSB: ‘Businesses are born every day across the UK – many need funding to get off the ground, ensuring they reach a stage where they’re profitable and creating opportunities’.

Over half of women say their pension isn’t enough to be financially independent

Working Wise: ‘Women are more likely to have ongoing caring responsibilities that mean they will reduce their hours, work-part time or require flexible working and it is these necessities that are causing women to reduce or even stop their pension payments’.

UK loses 149 million working days to sickness

FSB: ‘Allowing small community businesses to recover sick pay costs will give them that much more space to invest, recruit and retain staff, spurring our economic recovery from the grass roots up’.

Hybrid working can help to increase productivity

CIPD: ‘Everyone should have the chance to benefit from more choice about when, where and how they work. This can lead to increased wellbeing and engagement, and enhanced performance, all of which can lead to the productivity gains many employers are reporting’.