Why Dolan Accountancy?

Dolan Accountancy was set up by Simon J Dolan, the man behind the well-known brand SJD Accountancy. After selling SJD in 2014, Simon has been away from the industry for three years, but has been watching the market very closely, deciding in 2017 to come back into the accountancy world that he knows so well, but to do things a little differently.

Dolan Accountancy now has the heritage, reputation and credibility of the Dolan name, coupled with our firm financial footing, our money back guarantee and of course our ability to offer you the best possible price. We believe this makes the decision to choose Dolan Accountancy crystal clear and we hope you agree.

a) Our ‘Money Back’ Service Level Guarantee

We have been in the industry long enough to know that service is everything. We know you want a fast response to any queries you may have and an efficient and friendly service at all times – which is why we offer a money back service level guarantee which Simon created all those years ago.

We also know that our clients value consistency, and as far as is possible in any business, we will always aim to ensure that you have the same point of contact for as long as possible.  If we do have to change your accountant for any reason, we will make sure that a proper handover takes place, so you can be sure they will understand your financial affairs as well as your previous accountant did, without you feeling like you’re starting from scratch.

So anyway, back to our service level guarantee . . .

We guarantee that if we fail to deliver on any one of the points below, in any given month, we will refund your entire £105 + VAT fee for that month. Just let us know where we failed and we will arrange your refund – as well as dealing with the issue in question, of course!

  • When you become a client, your dedicated accountant will be in touch within one working day of your signed contract being received by us.
  • If you email us before 4pm on a working day, we will respond the same day – if after 4pm, we will respond by the end of the next working day.
  • Subject to all appropriate information having been received, draft Company Year End Accounts will be sent to you for approval within 15 working days.
  • We will ensure that our client/accountant ratio is always maintained at a level that enables us to provide an exemplary level of service.
  • If you do have to leave us a phone message for any reason, we will respond within one working day.
  • If you send us a letter, we will respond within 2 working days of receipt.

b) What’s included in our fee?

For £105 + VAT each month, we will provide you with the following:

  • A dedicated and highly experienced, contractor accountant
  • Access to the highly acclaimed FreeAgent™ accountancy software platform – which is trusted by over 50,000 businesses
  • Our ‘money back’ service level guarantee

Our service covers all of your business and personal accountancy requirements, including:

  • Limited company formation, with advice on the best structure
  • Registered Office Address
  • Director’s Service Address
  • 12 Months’ Free Business Banking
  • Registering you for an appropriate VAT scheme, including advice on which to choose
  • Year-end accounts for your limited company
  • Personal self-assessment tax return for one director
  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Payroll bureau
  • Advice on:
    • Paying yourself, including dividends
    • Allowable expenses
    • Personal and company taxes due to HMRC
    • IR35 in relation to your contract
  • Handling communication with Companies House and HMRC on your behalf
  • Proactive alerts for all deadlines where your action is required

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c) Year End Accounts for your Limited Company

We thought it might help to go into a little more detail about exactly what this includes:

  • We will reconcile your business bank account with your FreeAgent figures
  • We will assess all income and expenses, advising on anything which you may have missed
  • We will calculate the amount of Corporation Tax you need to pay and confirm all of the necessary payment dates and details needed
  • We will prepare your final year end accounts in iXBRL, ready for filing with Companies House and HMRC
  • We will send email and/or SMS reminders to ensure you don’t forget key deadlines
  • We will be on hand to advise on any issues around making payments to HMRC online

d) Payroll Bureau

You will need this service as your limited company has to pay you as an employee, but we take care of everything so it won’t be complicated:

  • We will process your P45/P46 with HMRC, if necessary
  • We will calculate your salary and PAYE figures, so you know the amounts that you have to pay yourself and to HMRC
  • We will look after all of your payroll administration including real time (RTI) submissions with HMRC
  • We will generate your year end IR35 calculations and payment advice, if your contract is within IR35
  • We will prepare your year end P60
  • We will advise on any under-payment or over-payment PAYE notices
  • We will manage any change in your tax code or HMRC details, if required
  • We will prepare your P11d, when required

e) Personal Tax

Your personal tax liability is as important as your business one, so we make sure that we take care of all this as well:

  • We will complete and submit to HMRC, your personal self-assessment tax return based on the information you provide us
  • We will calculate any tax you owe, including future payments on account, and confirm when these should be paid
  • We will review your future payments on account and provide advice on how to potentially reduce these for the next tax year, if suitable

f) FreeAgent™ Bookkeeping Platform

Our partnership with FreeAgent™ is one of the many things that really sets us apart from the competition. This will give you:

  • Access to specialist online bookkeeping software, made specifically for contractors, freelancers, small business owners and their accountants
  • A platform that is already trusted by over 50,000 other businesses
  • Invoices that send, and chase, themselves if you want them to
  • Hassle-free expense tracking, using your mobile phone camera, to capture receipts
  • Connection to your business bank account, to automatically import transactions
  • Auto-generated charts and graphs, to help you understand your finances

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