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Four-day working week could get more workers into the office

Unispace: ‘It is perhaps no surprise that many employees are keen on a shift to a four-day working week given the increased flexibility in how and where people work. However, we feel that it could also have real benefits for many employers’.

Many employers failing to improve equality, diversity and inclusion

REC: ‘We urge employers to turn to professional recruitment businesses who can advise them on how to devise and implement a strategy that gives them access to the widest possible talent pool’.

ONS report shows ‘labour market shifting to new ground’

REC: ‘Pay is important, but it is not the only thing employers should consider. Today’s workers weigh pay against the whole package, such as flexible working, training, annual leave – and even whether the corporate culture aligns to their personal values’.

Hiring decisions impacted by economic uncertainty

KPMG: ‘The evident mismatch between open vacancies and the skills of available candidates needs to be addressed urgently and a concerted focus on upskilling and reskilling is long overdue’.

Government urged to focus on more age groups to boost labour market

CIPD: ‘As our analysis shows, it’s important that the current focus on addressing the decline of over-50s in employment doesn’t obscure the need and opportunity to get more young people into work’.

Firms should invest in talent now

APSCo: ‘The power is still very much in the hands of the candidates, and without appropriate remuneration packages in place, access to crucial resources will become increasingly limited for firms’.

Recruitment industry play huge role in driving recovery

REC: ‘With an unpredictable economic outlook, but severe shortages of labour, it has never been more important for businesses to work with recruiters who are able to offer the advice they need to shape a winning offer.’

Skills shortages remain a concern

APSCo: ‘The UK needs urgent action to rebalance skills availability, including a suitable visa route for international highly skilled contractors, a flexible approach to apprenticeships and an Employment Bill that is appropriate in the modern, flexible world of work’.