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Tackling CV fraud: Employers must be consistent with background checks

Sterling: ‘Robust screening processes and confirmation of an individual’s previous work experience are crucial for a huge number of roles, regardless of the level of the individual’.

Study launched to explore gender equality across recruitment profession

APSCo: ‘While research shows that females account for 41% of the recruitment workforce at recruiter level, this falls to just 25% board level’.

Soft skills crucial for top recruiters

Softer skills such as resilience, positivity and keenness to help others are becoming increasingly crucial for competitive recruitment companies.

Revealed: Top talent trends for 2020

Guidant Global: ‘As we hurl headlong into a new decade, the intertwining forces of technology, economics, politics and shifting demographics will usher in a host of new opportunities, and challenges, for businesses to grasp’.

Recruitment industry’s turnover reached £38.9 billion last year

£33.4 billion was generated through temporary/contract placement activity, while £5.5 billion was achieved through permanent placements.

Buyer’s market resulting in ‘professional ghosting’

Research shows that ‘professional ghosting’ is symptomatic of the current buyer’s market with employment levels reaching record highs in 2019.

Number of recruitment companies has grown by 500% in 20 years

Recruitment growth has increased particularly rapidly over the last decade, with 84% of company registrations taking place from 2008 to 2018.

Only half of businesses actively seek and welcome disabled candidates

As many as 80% of UK businesses believe that they ‘could do more’ to attract disabled jobseekers.