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Overlooking compliance could seriously harm recruiting companies

Global Talent Acquisition Day (GTAD) is a worldwide day to celebrate recruiters, hiring managers, and anyone operating in the talent acquisition sector.

Awareness is key to fighting cybercrime in recruitment

There has been a 33% increase in the cost of cybercrimes across all sectors since 2016, with ‘human-enabled insider threats’ now accounting for more than 90% of all incidents.

London is the most productive UK region

To collect the results, researchers used state-of-the-art econometric techniques to analyse ONS data between the years 2010-2016, to produce levels of productivity in each plant of Great Britain.

Work in the UK no less secure than it was 20 years ago

A new survey shows that the proportion of people categorised as self-employed increased from just under 13% to just under 15% between 1998 and 2018.

Recruiters are some of the happiest workers in the UK

In total 56.7% of Brits enjoy their job, with this figure rising significantly to 71% for those working in the recruitment sector.

Employers and recruiters urged to prioritise background screening

Recent data has indicated a rapid growth in demand for consistent international employee screening services.

Inconsistent employee checks cause insider fraud concerns

A concerning level of inconsistency in background screening across the charity sector has been highlighted, with a lack of employment checks putting many organisations at risk of insider fraud.

CIOT criticises HMRC CEST tool

The criticism comes after HMRC have recently lost a number of IR35 tribunal cases, and an acceptance by HMRC that the CEST tool only provides a determination in 85% of cases.