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Skills shortages remain a concern

APSCo: ‘The UK needs urgent action to rebalance skills availability, including a suitable visa route for international highly skilled contractors, a flexible approach to apprenticeships and an Employment Bill that is appropriate in the modern, flexible world of work’.

Four-day week trial has generally positive results so far

4 Day Week Global: ‘The organisations in the United Kingdom pilot are contributing real-time data and knowledge that are worth their weight in gold’.

Calls for Liz Truss to focus on the employment and skills agenda

APSCo: ‘With the new Prime Minister now in place, we believe it is crucial that the employment and skills agenda is moved back up the list of priorities’.

Labour and skills shortages risk significant damage to UK economy

REC: ‘Only growth can create the environment to maintain public services and a low tax rate – no government can afford to leave £30bn on the shelf’.

UK employers are unsure whether hybrid working will stay

CIPD: ‘Developing effective hybrid working arrangements can help employers attract and retain a more diverse workforce while enhancing employee wellbeing, work-life balance and productivity’.

Interim vacancies expected to rise again throughout the year

APSCo: ‘With the latest ONS data revealing that there are now more vacancies than unemployed people, we expect demand for interim professionals to increase again’.

Government warned that using agency workers to replace those on strike breaches international labour standards

APSCo: ‘We are surprised by the unexpected move to amend the agency legislation, which will only restrict the impact of workers exercising their rights to strike’.

Workers more focussed on quality family time than a career

‘The pandemic opened up remote working possibilities for workers globally. Global workers view a flexible schedule or remote option as their top quality and ideal employer, followed by good pay and benefits’.