With over 10 years experience in the contracting industry, James Trowell MAAT, AATQB, our Head of Accounting and Tax, shares his expert contracting knowledge with you.

If you would prefer to speak to James, please give him a call on 01442 795 100 or email james.trowell@dolanaccountancy.com.

download our comprehensive contractor guides

If you’re thinking about becoming a contractor you are bound to have a list of questions as long as your arm. From “how much can I take home?” through to “should I be limited or umbrella?” this Complete Contractor’s Guide will help to answer those questions.

We’ve put together some useful information such as;

  • Understanding the pros and cons of contracting
  • Deciding which way to run your business
  • Understanding how tax works for contractors

You can download the guides for free.

Download the guides here