In this section you will learn about making the move to contracting in your sector, including advice on setting rates, finding your next contract and general advice on moving into contracting.

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The pages

Becoming a Business Analyst Contractor

Organisations will normally look for business analyst contractors to work on a short-term project as they will bring skills that some of the in-house team will not have.


How to become an accountant

If you have a head for numbers, becoming an accountant is an excellent career choice. Accountants are always in demand, command high salaries, and are able to find jobs in any industry – after all, every business needs a finance function


Management Consultants – A Guide to Going Limited

Discover how to become a management consultant. Why you should go limited, how you can find work and more in this easy to read guide.


Contracting in Banking and Financial Services

Get an initial look into becoming a banking and financial services contractor. We will explain everything from finding work, to tax, in this easy to read guide.


Why Become a Project Management Contractor

Project management contractors are in high demand. With enhanced rates of pay and the opportunity to be your own boss being just some of the benefits.


How to Become a Security Cleared Contractor

Discover what’s involved in becoming a Security Cleared Contractor. We’ll cover everything from tax to finding work in this plain English, easy to read guide.


Rates of Pay for Oil and Gas Engineers

It is important to be aware of the range of daily take home pay in your industry, so that you can ensure you are charging a fair price for your services.


Becoming an Oil and Gas Engineer

From travelling the world, to increasing your take home pay, there are countless benefits to becoming an Oil & Gas Engineer. We cover everything from tax, to boosting your income in this guide.