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New legislation helps taxpayers to stay in control of repayments

HMRC: ‘Taxpayers deserve better – we want to make sure they are better protected before choosing to enter into an agreement with a repayment agent’.

Over 3 million people still haven’t filed self-assessment tax return

HMRC: ‘Time is running out for millions of people who still need to file their Self Assessment and pay any tax owed’.

£67m worth of tax returns paid via HMRC app

HMRC: ‘We want to help Self Assessment customers meet their obligations and HMRC offers a range of options to help customers pay their tax return bill’.

Millions of taxpayers yet to submit self-assessment tax return

LITRG: ‘There is still time to avoid a fine if you are one of the millions of people who still need to complete and submit a tax return for 2021/22’.

More pensioners filed a tax return compared to young people

HMRC: ‘Time is running out for anyone who has yet to start their tax return – there is a wide range of guidance and webinars available online for those who need a helping hand’.

Less than a month until tax return deadline

HMRC: ‘There is less than one month for customers to submit their tax returns and my message to those yet to start is: don’t delay, do it online’.

Over 3,000 people filed their tax returns on Christmas Day

HMRC: ‘We are grateful to those customers who have already filed their tax returns. For anyone who is yet to make a start, help is available on GOV.UK’.

Majority of firms are paid late

Chaser: ‘Almost 9 out of 10 businesses are paid late with over a quarter admitting to struggling to keep on top of their accounts receivable tasks every month’.