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Tax hikes another blow for limited company contractors

IPSE: ‘After the financial damage of the pandemic, exclusion from support and the changes to IR35 taxation, this new tax hike on dividends will make it almost impossible for freelancers to continue to work through a limited company’.

Government urged to delay digital tax reform

CIOT: ‘The Government is keen to build trust in the tax system, but rushing in changes to its fundamental building blocks, in order to make possible the introduction of a policy which remains controversial, will not help that aim’.

A hike in NICs would be a ‘severe blow’ to SMEs, says FSB

FSB: ‘Breaking a manifesto promise by increasing NICs just at the moment when firms are struggling to get back on their feet would be devastating for small businesses and the local communities they serve’.

Nearly half of businesses say the pandemic sparked creative thinking

Lloyds Bank: ‘So many [businesses] have made permanent changes to survive, with many growing revenue or finding new revenue streams from the pivots they have made to adapt to new trading conditions’.

Millions of homes and businesses to benefit from government broadband upgrade

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden: ‘Millions more rural homes and businesses will now be lifted out of the digital slow lane thanks to our mammoth £5 billion investment and one the quickest rollouts in Europe’.

Calls for reinstatement of the workplace testing scheme

FSB: ‘With the easing of self-isolation requirements, a well-functioning testing system becomes all the more crucial. The Government should reconsider its decision to stop sending free workplace testing kits to small businesses’.

Many working mums optimistic pandemic will open up more flexible job opportunities ‘Our survey shows that women clearly do want to progress and are more than willing to move on if they don’t get what they need and flexible jobs are available’.

HMRC carry out review on new ‘pay as you go’ tax payment

IPSE: ‘On the whole, it seems freelancers think this would be much more hassle than it’s worth – and could even leave many out of pocket’.