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Healthcare sector struggling to source skills

APSCo: ‘With ongoing disputes and a fall in applications as unrest continues, hospitals and Trusts are facing significant resourcing difficulties that are showing no signs of easing’.

Two more tax avoidance promoters named by HMRC

HMRC: ‘We will continue to take strong action against those who promote and market tax avoidance schemes and remain committed to supporting taxpayers to steer clear of or exit tax avoidance’.

High percentage of self-employed aren’t saving into a pension

IPSE: ‘Successive governments have ducked the issue of self-employed savings for years, but the crisis is now too big for a future government to ignore. It will likely require intervention of a magnitude similar to automatic enrolment for employees’.

Ministers urged to resource HMRC properly

CIOT: ‘Poor service levels at HMRC are not just a pain for taxpayers and advisers, they harm tax compliance, hinder business activity and hammer away at trust in the tax system. A strong economy needs an effective tax system’.

Self-employed numbers see year-on-year growth

IPSE: ‘This is a very positive sign that the economy is perhaps starting to recover from the damage done by the pandemic, which put more than 700,000 freelancers and sole traders out of business’.

Number of self-assessments filed early this year more than doubled

HMRC: ‘Filing your Self-Assessment early means you can spend more time building your business or doing the things that you enjoy and less time worrying about completing your tax return’.

HMRC launch IR35 offset consultation

APSCo: ‘We welcome the confirmation that HMRC are consulting on introducing an offset mechanism into Off Payroll to prevent double taxation. However, we remain firm in our belief that even with this offset, the rules as they are currently written are not fit for purpose in the modern world of work’.

Calls for prompt payment regulation reforms

APSCo: ‘In order to ensure fair and prompt payment terms across the recruitment supply chain, we believe a number of changes are necessary, including amending the current regulations to ensure more accurate reporting is required’.