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Many Brits saving money by being savvy about sustainability

Aviva: ‘Our research suggests people are becoming more inclined to repair, renovate and recycle as they look to live sustainably as well as save cash’.

Many workers in their 50s retired due to job dissatisfaction

Phoenix Group: ‘Good quality, satisfying jobs matter to people of all ages. For those over 50, we know that it’s particularly important that jobs provide flexibility, support for people with caring responsibilities and health conditions, and opportunities to develop skills’.

London jobs fall by nearly a quarter

APSCo: ‘While inflation is starting to fall, the latest data does show that the UK’s sluggish economy is hitting the capital hard, but the current skills landscape is not helping employers either’.

Policy makers urged to help SMEs in the lead up to Christmas spending

FSB: ‘These small businesses have already dealt with numerous challenges this year, from rising interest rates to high inflation and the extra weight of energy costs, but now is the chance to make a real difference so we can end the year on a high note’.

REC response to Labour party pledges

REC: ‘This must include reform of the apprenticeship levy which has become a driver of lower apprenticeship starts and completions for young people. It is devastating to our economy to have 960,000 people – out of the one million temporary workers on assignment every day – excluded from accessing the levy’.

Self-employed sector sees significant growth

IPSE: ‘Today’s figures mark a return to year-on-year self-employment growth for a fourth consecutive quarter. This is good news for businesses looking to flexibly recruit talent at a time when economic conditions might make a permanent hire less feasible’.

Majority of workers don’t want to hot-desk

Unispace: ‘It does appear that some businesses are overlooking what their people really need and the fact that almost half of firms have a hot-desking set up, despite staff showing a desire for assigned spaces, suggests there is a disconnect between employers and employees’.

‘Cost of doing business’ crisis still a concern for SMEs

FSB: ‘The cost of doing business crisis still has a grip on the small business community, as prices for many key inputs, from energy to components and raw materials, remain far above where they were a year ago’.