Running your Company

Running your own limited company can seem daunting at the beginning however with help from a good specialist contractor accountant, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. In this section James shares a number of guides on topics his clients tend to ask her about on a day to day basis.

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The pages

Could the four-day working week benefit my business?

With some of the UK’s businesses having just completed the groundbreaking four-day week pilot programme, we take a look at the results and how it could potentially benefit many firms.


What Expenses can I Claim as a Sole Trader?

A great benefit to working as a sole trader is that you’ll be able to claim back on a wide range of expenses.


What employment rights are freelancers not entitled to?

Employment law doesn’t cover self-employed people in the same way, so let’s explore freelance employment rights.


Energy Bills Discount Scheme

The announcement of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme was very much welcomed by the many businesses struggling with the additional energy costs over the winter months, however, this is now coming to an end with the Energy Bills Discount Scheme taking its place.


How do the New Digital Right To Work Changes Affect Me?

There have been significant changes to Right To Work (RTW) checks over the last couple of years and now the process is having a landmark overhaul from the 1st of October 2022. This means that all organisations need to ensure that they are ready for the changes, as failing to carry them out correctly could put your business at risk.


Using your Limited Company when inside IR35

Designed to prevent ‘disguised employment’, IR35 has long been criticised for being overly complicated – now recent changes have just added further issues for both contractors and those hiring them.


FAQ: Mortgages for Contractors

Many contractors in the UK set up their own limited companies to make tax savings. If you do this, as a shareholder in your company, you can draw most of your income from dividends, which you don’t pay National Insurance on. So the company – and you – save money.


Insolvency & Dissolution Services

Entrepreneurs’ relief is now business asset disposal relief. The experts at Dolan Accountancy explain what it is, how to claim it and what has changed.