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Innovative technology vital for recruiters to secure talent

JobAdder: ‘At a time when the number of open job vacancies across the UK has surpassed one million for the first time ever, organisations are unsurprisingly scrambling to secure sought-after skills – and only those who can offer the slickest recruitment journey to candidates will victor in the war for talent’.

Recruiters say labour shortages are biggest concern for the rest of 2021

REC: ‘Vacancy numbers are far higher than pre-pandemic, and it is taking much longer to fill them. This is putting the recovery at risk by putting capacity constraints on the economy’.

Record number of vacancies posted, but more pressure on recruitment sector

APSCo: ‘For staffing companies, there’s mounting pressure to source top talent in a competitive market the likes of which many haven’t experienced before’.

Recruitment sector feeling the pressure ‘Many recruitment teams are already over-stretched – with some experiencing cutbacks themselves during the pandemic – and the increased competition for talent and demand for new resources will only add undue pressures for many teams’.

Hiring could be hindered by lack of diversity in job ads ‘The challenge for hiring managers now is not just to get in front of the right people before the competition, but perhaps more importantly, have the right content to push to these audiences’.

Contractor demand on the rise

APSCo: ‘The recovery trend is clearly continuing – and it is apparent that the recruitment sector has a major part to play in that recovery’.

Too many employment firms failing to record staff diversity

APSCo: ‘Without a clear and honest picture of your workforce, it will be difficult for staffing companies to identify where there are gaps or what demographics are currently under-represented’.

Jobs data shows ongoing value of recruitment sector

APSCo: ‘This data points very clearly to the ongoing value of the recruitment sector to the economy as organisations look for help to find the right skill sets’.