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UK businesses are optimistic about Covid-19 recovery

A survey of more than 1,500 executives has been carried out to understand how businesses are responding to this ongoing period of unprecedented economic change.

Kickstart scheme welcomed, but more needs to be done

FSB: ‘As schools and colleges in England open their doors to pupils, many for first time in half a year, it’s critical now more than ever that every pupil is afforded the best possible opportunity to succeed and give them the tools to thrive in their adult and working lives’.

Unemployment figures remain stable, but the challenge is now longer-term, says REC

Vacancies are showing increases in the latest period, driven by SMEs, some of which are reporting taking on additional staff to meet Covid-19 guidelines.

First week of August begins with record vacancy numbers

According to latest findings, hiring in the UK hit a record high last week since lockdown began, with the greatest number of jobs posted since mid-March.

Hiring in London on the up as lockdown eases

APSCo: ‘June signalled significant change for the capital’s businesses. With lockdown measures gradually being eased, it’s encouraging to see hiring creep up’.

AdvisorLink launched to support recruitment businesses

APSCo: ‘Our members regularly ask us for recommendations relating to professional business advisors, executive coaches and NEDs in order to help them move their business to the next stage’.

Contract vacancies up 31% month-on-month

Data shows that by the end of June, interviews were up 63% compared with the beginning of the month.

UK job ads more likely to mention pet-friendly perks than parental leave policies

Of those surveyed, 60% worry that asking about parental leave policies in an interview might give the interviewer a reason not to choose them for the job.