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Work in the UK no less secure than it was 20 years ago

A new survey shows that the proportion of people categorised as self-employed increased from just under 13% to just under 15% between 1998 and 2018.

Recruiters are some of the happiest workers in the UK

In total 56.7% of Brits enjoy their job, with this figure rising significantly to 71% for those working in the recruitment sector.

Employers and recruiters urged to prioritise background screening

Recent data has indicated a rapid growth in demand for consistent international employee screening services.

Inconsistent employee checks cause insider fraud concerns

A concerning level of inconsistency in background screening across the charity sector has been highlighted, with a lack of employment checks putting many organisations at risk of insider fraud.

CIOT criticises HMRC CEST tool

The criticism comes after HMRC have recently lost a number of IR35 tribunal cases, and an acceptance by HMRC that the CEST tool only provides a determination in 85% of cases.

APSCo members share their views on IR35 reform

The APSCo consultation sought views on how the extension of IR35 changes into the private sector should be managed.

Recruitment firms at risk of penalties from lack of compliance enforcement

‘Delivered correctly, compliance can have an entirely positive influence and even be used as a sales tool’, says 6CATSPRO.

The future of UK coins and notes will be protected

At the 2018 Spring Statement, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a Treasury consultation into the future of the current mixture of coins in circulation.