Uber licence ban will impact thousands of self-employed drivers

The IPSE raises concerns about the thousands of self-employed drivers who find work through Uber after TfL's decision to revoke the firm's licence in London.

The news that Uber is to have its licence revoked in London will come as a disappointment for not only Uber but its 3.5 million customers too.

There’s also the fact that the Uber licence ban will impact thousands of self-employed drivers

Uber’s licence ran out 30th September, however, it can continue to operate during its appeal, which could go on for another year.

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) has reacted to TfL’s decision to revoke Uber’s licence and it is extremely concerned about the impact it will have on the thousands of self-employed drivers who find work through the app.

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Chris Bryce, IPSE CEO, commented, “TfL’s decision not to renew Uber’s licence is perverse and will leave tens of thousands of hardworking, honest and dedicated self-employed drivers out of work. It is a bad move for London’s travellers and a disaster for people using the app to make a living. The vast majority of drivers who use the Uber platform are self-employed individuals who will now struggle to put food on the family table. Many of the drivers are tied in to lease deals on their cars and they will be incurring costs without a way to earn a living.

“This seems like a politically-motivated decision which totally ignores the many thousands of men and women who earn a living through the Uber app, and runs counter to what should be at the heart of Sadiq Khan’s political agenda: ensuring the wellbeing of ordinary hardworking people.

“As a country, we should be embracing the innovation of the app-based economy. Denying it would be a Luddite move that suggests the UK is not open for business.

“We call on Sadiq Khan to think again, revoke his support for this decision and intervene to ensure drivers will be able to continue working. The self-employed simply want to earn a living without having to rely on the state.”

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