Author: Jaime Thorpe

Procurement Bill could be a ‘game-changer’ for SMEs

FSB: ‘SMEs face a costly and confusing procurement process. Figures show that only one in five have tried to bid for a public sector contract in the last three years due to roadblocks – which is why the Government needs to go further to knock these down, to stimulate growth for both SMEs and the wider economy’.

Over 3 million people still haven’t filed self-assessment tax return

HMRC: ‘Time is running out for millions of people who still need to file their Self Assessment and pay any tax owed’.

GDP growth encouraging, but SMEs still have challenges ahead

FSB: ‘The Government needs to grasp the scale of the threat that remains. Helping relieve financial pressure on small firms through expanding business rate relief, cracking down on late payments, and expanding the energy support would all be welcomed with open arms’.

SMEs to lose much needed energy support

FSB: ‘The Government said that taxpayers cannot prop up failing or unproductive firms, which is insulting to many small business owners struggling this winter’.

Many workers eager to bring nature into the workplace

Unispace: ‘People saw the benefits of being outside during the pandemic and as we face a tough economy globally, staff are looking to their employers to help support their mental wellbeing’.

HMRC push back mandatory MTD for income tax self-assessment

HMRC: ‘HMRC remains committed to the delivery of Making Tax Digital as a critical part of our strategy for digitalising and modernising the tax system, but we want to make sure we get this right and deliver it effectively’.

HMRC encouraging people to file tax return sooner rather than later

HMRC: ‘We are encouraging customers to plan their Self Assessment as they’d plan for Christmas – get organised, complete their to-do list with plenty of time to avoid that last minute rush’.

Recruitment industry play huge role in driving recovery

REC: ‘With an unpredictable economic outlook, but severe shortages of labour, it has never been more important for businesses to work with recruiters who are able to offer the advice they need to shape a winning offer.’