Starting Up

Making the move to contracting should be an exciting time. In this section James has included a number of guides he believes contractors will find helpful, when they are considering making the move.

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The pages

Steps to Becoming a Programme Director

Being self-employed can be such a rewarding lifestyle choice in terms of the amount of experience and additional skills that you will gain along the way. If you want to become a programme director than there are few steps that you will need to take, such as seeing how you go as a team leader first, practicing good people management and testing your multitasking skills


Starting up Checklist

Running your own limited company is the most tax efficient way to earn as a contractor. Starting up isn’t as difficult as you might expect, either, you just need to have a company name, register your business and set up a company bank account and you will be up and running.


Should I set up a Limited Company?

Being a sole trader is the most common way to operate a fledgling business. However, as a freelance business grows, it’s likely you’ll be better-served setting up a Limited company. This quick guide gives a run-down of the benefits of doing so.


Switching Accountants

There are a lot of accountancy firms out there – some more suitable for contractors than others. Although it can seem like a big step, switching needn’t be a tricky process. If any of the below apply, it might be worth looking to make the switch!