Contractor Expenses

Some of the most common questions James is asked by his clients are around expenses and if they can claim a cost, as a business expense.

In this section James has written a number of guides to help you understand how expenses work and what you can or cannot claim.

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The pages

Charity, Entertainment and Sponsorship

A contractor will be able to claim back on costs spent on charity donations, business entertainment and even sponsorship, however, you will need to adhere to certain rules in order for these to be legitimate expenses.


Can I Claim for Training Costs?

If you want or need to take on additional training in order to develop your skills, then you might be able to claim this as an expense. However, you will need to ensure that any courses you take are related to your line of work.


Can I Claim for my Work Clothing?

If you need to purchase specific types of clothing for work, you could claim back on some of these items, however, they must be essential to your line of work, such as protective clothing for your safety.