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In a recent report, nearly half (45%) of male respondents said their clear thinking was affected by stress at least five times a day, compared with just 17% of females.

The data, compiled by Paymentsense, found that although 64% of female SME leaders said they encounter a stressful event which stops them thinking clearly at least once a day, the proportion of male respondents reporting this was higher at three quarters (75%).

This trend continued at the other end of the scale. For example, almost a third of female business leaders (30%) said that such an event occurs just once a week or less frequently, compared with 19% of men. Only seven per cent of male respondents said that stress never prevents their clear thinking, compared with 11% of women.

Interestingly, the causes of this stress also varied by gender. Almost a quarter (23%) of female respondents listed customer complaints, compared with just 14% of males. Similarly, thinking about business finances was listed by 22% of female SME leaders, but only 14% of males.

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The study also suggests that female SME leaders can also deal better with common workplace stress, despite being more likely to juggle competing thoughts relating to responsibilities beyond the business.

For example, only 8% of male respondents listed childcare problems as a stress trigger compared with 15% of females. Worries about health affected almost one in six (16%) women, but just one in 10 (10%) men.

Mindfulness expert and mentor to entrepreneurs, Jacqui Macdonald, commented on the findings, “This study certainly chimes with my own experiences of coaching business leaders. Three-quarters of my clients are female, suggesting that women could be more open to stress-management techniques such as mindfulness. It’s worrying to see just how often stress is damaging business leaders’ performance, not to mention personal health.

“My advice to both male and female business leaders who feel frequently distracted by daily stresses is to acknowledge that it’s impairing your ability to lead, and that you need support. You can’t go it alone, and you can certainly learn to improve your focus and resilience.”

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