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SMEs hoping for government help in Autumn Statement

FSB: ‘The Chancellor and Prime Minister must include measures to kickstart the economy, and get it growing again, to stem the loss of small businesses, and give them an operating environment that will allow them to get through a tough winter, and then flourish in the spring’.

Demand for satellite offices on the rise

Unispace: ‘Creating satellite offices to supplement an amenity-packed HQ could be a logical approach for firms seeking to meet the diverse needs of their people post-pandemic’.

Employers urged to create compassionate culture for pregnancy or baby loss

CIPD: ‘Pregnancy and baby loss affects people across the UK every day. Workplace support can make a real difference to employees during a difficult time’.

Self-assessment reminder to declare Covid-19 payments

HMRC: ‘We want to help customers get their tax returns right, first time’.

Over half of employers agree with collecting information on home workers

CIPD: ‘Depending on the context, collecting information on home workers can be a positive thing, supporting employee performance and wellbeing, by identifying signs of excessive workloads and burnout. However, when used without a clear reason it will likely be treated with suspicion by employees’.

Trained finance professionals are a great resource for SMEs

AAT: ‘For many people today, the cost-of-living crisis represents the biggest financial challenge they have faced in their lives. A vital resource for anyone in these situations, is financial literacy’.

Businesses need to do more to support women through menopause

One in 10 women who worked during the menopause say that they have left a job due to their symptoms.

Nearly a quarter of over 55s postponing retirement due to cost of living crisis

Totaljobs: ‘Businesses need to look at the wider context if they are hiring over 50s or have a large proportion in their workforce’.