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Budget lacking in wealth-creation for SMEs

FSB: ‘While tackling inflation is essential, so are measures to create conditions for prosperity, growth and support enterprise’.

Tax and NICs changes putting additional pressure on payroll teams

CloudPay: ‘Having already invested resources into planned increases in NI only to face a reversal of this in September, teams will now need to brace for the planned tax increases across the country’.

One in three employees just getting by financially

Aviva: ‘The relationship between debt and mental health is long established, but in these challenging times, employers need to be closely attuned to their employees’ financial wellbeing, signposting help for those who need it but are unsure of where to find it’.

Skills shortages remain a concern

APSCo: ‘The UK needs urgent action to rebalance skills availability, including a suitable visa route for international highly skilled contractors, a flexible approach to apprenticeships and an Employment Bill that is appropriate in the modern, flexible world of work’.

Calls for HMRC to provide help with hybrid and distance working tax management

CIOT: ‘We would encourage HMRC to provide more tailored guidance for employers and employees on hybrid and distance working so that they can more readily understand their tax and social security position, particularly where cross-border working is involved’.

Many employers not supporting staff with long Covid

Indeed: ‘While there’s still so much we don’t know about long COVID, we’re now discovering the true extent to which the illness impairs people’s ability to work’.

Autumn Statement shows government making it harder for self-employed, says IPSE

IPSE: ‘After the financial damage of the pandemic, exclusion from support, the changes to IR35 taxation, the recent tax hike on dividends and the impending corporation tax hike, this latest attack is further salt in the wound for anyone working through their own company’.

Thousands of people take advantage of online payment plans to pay self-assessment

HMRC: ‘We’re here to help customers get their tax right and if you are worried about how to pay your self-assessment bill, help and support is available’.