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Autumn Budget 2017

On Wednesday the 22nd November Philip Hammond delivered his Autumn Budget.

HMRC to stop accepting credit cards when making tax return payment

Self-employed workers may have heard of HMRC’s plans to stop accepting personal credit cards when paying for tax returns – however, if you pay early there’s still a chance you can choose this method of payment.

Minimum income floor should not apply to Universal Credits claimants until a review

The Work and Pensions Select Committee has made the recommendation that the minimum income floor shouldn’t apply to Universal Credit claimants until the policy has been independently reviewed.

More protection needed for the UK’s gig workers

A recent report surveying nearly 5,000 workers and 100 businesses has revealed that the majority believe that more regulations are needed in order to protect UK gig workers.

Contractor public sector demand outweighs that found in permanent sector

Latest Report on Jobs reveals overall positive results for the UK’s contractors, with the particularly good news that growth of demand for contractors remained stronger than that for permanent workers in the public sector.

New income allowances may cause confusion

LITRG is urging that HMRC publicise new income allowances when they come into force, as there are concerns that without appropriate publicity or guidance, some taxpayers may register for self-assessment and complete a tax return when they do not need to do so

Government delays abolition of Class 2 NICs

A one year delay has been announced by the government with regards to the removal of Class 2 National Insurance contributions (NICs) in order to enable consultation on the impact of its abolition on the self-employed on low incomes.

Jobs boom hits the UK, despite ongoing uncertainty

Despite ongoing uncertainty with regards to the UK economy last quarter, businesses up and down the country are proving to be resilient as Britain experiences a widespread jobs boom.