Author: Sophie Tyler

New government grant funding for firms impacted by pandemic

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng: ‘I urge businesses to come forward, engage with their local council and tap into these cash grants’.

A third of UK SMEs impacted by late payment

FSB: ‘Late Payment was destroying thousands of small businesses even before the pandemic hit – the pandemic has made matters worse’.

Majority of employers believe statutory sick pay rate should be increased

CIPD: ‘The UK’s SSP system has been broken for a long time and the pandemic has only highlighted its failure to protect the lowest paid and most vulnerable members of our society’.

Government must provide economic support alongside Covid restrictions

FSB: ‘Failure to introduce business support to match the scale of public health restrictions will be damaging to the economy, jobs and communities’.

Companies reminded they can claim for an online Christmas party

ATT: ‘HMRC’s confirmation last year that ‘virtual’ parties are within the scope of the tax relief available for in-person events was very welcome and – unlike some other Covid reliefs – this was not just a one-off for 2020’.

Over 20,000 people have used HMRC’s tax payment plan

HMRC: ‘We understand some customers might be worrying about paying their self-assessment bill this year, and we want to support them’.

Calls for more employment rights for better job quality

CIPD: ‘It’s positive to see that work has become more secure in the last ten years on most measures. However, when it comes to working arrangements, one size does not fit all. One person’s flexibility could be another person’s insecurity’.

People urged to support SMEs during the festive season and beyond

FSB: ‘We’re urging everyone to get behind small businesses wherever they can over the coming weeks’.