Author: Sophie Tyler

Tax hikes another blow for limited company contractors

IPSE: ‘After the financial damage of the pandemic, exclusion from support and the changes to IR35 taxation, this new tax hike on dividends will make it almost impossible for freelancers to continue to work through a limited company’.

A hike in NICs would be a ‘severe blow’ to SMEs, says FSB

FSB: ‘Breaking a manifesto promise by increasing NICs just at the moment when firms are struggling to get back on their feet would be devastating for small businesses and the local communities they serve’.

Recruitment sector feeling the pressure ‘Many recruitment teams are already over-stretched – with some experiencing cutbacks themselves during the pandemic – and the increased competition for talent and demand for new resources will only add undue pressures for many teams’.

‘Freedom Day’ spending exceeded pre-pandemic levels

Lloyds Bank: ‘Spending has now surpassed levels seen before the pandemic struck, as the UK starts to unleash some of their lockdown savings’.

Many SMEs in need of better access to support and advice

FSB: ‘Our findings show that existing business support advice already helps small firms when it comes to taxation and regulation, but as our post-EU journey continues and while we continue to weather the economic Covid-19 storm, there is plenty more government could be doing to help make things easier’.

Hiring could be hindered by lack of diversity in job ads ‘The challenge for hiring managers now is not just to get in front of the right people before the competition, but perhaps more importantly, have the right content to push to these audiences’.

‘Pingdemic’ has many workers concerned about having to self-isolate

Latest research has found that as many as 69.8% of isolation cases were notified by the NHS Covid app.

Reminder that second payment on account is due 31st July

LITRG: ‘If you cannot pay the amount due, contact HMRC as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of paying the amount due in instalments. HMRC have indicated they will continue to treat all such requests sympathetically in view of the current economic situation’.