Author: Sophie Tyler

Twenty businesses suspended for failing to pay suppliers on time

Businesses suspended from the Code are invited to produce an action plan that leads to a substantial improvement in payment performance and are then reinstated as soon as they demonstrate compliance.

Recruiters urged to use expertise to help close disability employment gap

According to APSCo, recruiters must utilise their skills to drive change and help to close the disability employment gap.

Brexit driving demand for logistics experts

Logistics professionals are seeking training from their employers, as Brexit drives demand for experts.

Fathers need more flexibility in the workplace

A latest survey has revealed that fathers feel frustrated in their jobs and discriminated against in the workplace.

FSB calls for small firms to be at the heart of international trade

The FSB is urging World Trade Organisation members to work together to ensure that small firms are equipped with the right tools to succeed and go global.

Government investing almost £1million in transport tech start-ups

Now in its 10th round of funding, the government has provided £4.6 million via this grant over the past five years to more than 140 technology and innovation projects.

Majority of recruitment firms fear implications of no-deal Brexit

When professional recruitment firms were asked if they expect a no-deal Brexit to have an immediate impact on access to talent, over half (58%) said ‘yes’.

HMRC delays VAT reverse charge

A domestic reverse charge means the UK customer who gets supplies of construction services must account for the VAT due on these supplies on their VAT return rather than the UK supplier.