Author: Sophie Lewis

Hybrid working can help to increase productivity

CIPD: ‘Everyone should have the chance to benefit from more choice about when, where and how they work. This can lead to increased wellbeing and engagement, and enhanced performance, all of which can lead to the productivity gains many employers are reporting’.

Employers remain positive about hiring intentions

REC: ‘More employers are switching their hiring intentions towards permanent staff, as the urgent need for contingency staff to cover Covid absences decreases. But temporary workers remain vital to managing uncertain and fast-changing markets’.

Tax avoidance scheme promoters named for the first time

HMRC: ‘New legal powers allow us to name promoters and the schemes they peddle much faster, and this announcement is just the first step’.

Majority of UK businesses would hire Ukrainian refugees ‘It’s encouraging to see such a positive response to this refugee crisis from UK employers’.

Over half of workers would consider changing career for a ‘greener’ role

Aviva: ‘Sustainability is very much on the radar for businesses large and small and it is positive news that so many UK people are bringing green thinking into their working routines, as well as their personal lives’.

Tax avoidance firm fined £150,000

HMRC: ‘We are committed to ensuring everyone pays the tax they legally owe. We will not allow companies to simply ignore their legal duty’.

Spring Statement 2022 – Rise in dividend tax and NI a blow to self-employed

IPSE: ‘With inflation reaching its highest level in thirty years and household bills skyrocketing, the hike comes at the worst possible time for self-employed workers’.

REC urges government to delay National Insurance increase

REC: ‘Recruiters have a key role to play here, from helping government with activation schemes to supporting employers with new forms of job offer to tempt people back into work’.