Author: Sophie Lewis

Majority of UK workers expect a pay rise in the new year

CV-Library: ‘Businesses cannot be expected to fully bridge the cost-of-living gaps for their staff. They also face unprecedented cost increases, and much uncertainty lies ahead’.

Basic rate rise creating further pressure for SMEs

FSB: ‘Many small businesses are struggling at the moment. They need certainty and support, to help them make the most of the festive season, and enter the new year in a spirit of optimism’.

Majority of work spaces not set up to enable employees’ best ability

Unispace: ‘The modern workplace needs to strike a balance between enabling collaboration and individual work. That includes having separate breakout areas for group socialisation and spaces for focus work, private conversations and meetings’.

Government urged to prevent energy suppliers overcharging SMEs

FSB: ‘Energy suppliers need to recognise their roles in ensuring this multi-billion-pound help package serves its purpose and is not exploited at the expense of taxpayers or the livelihoods of the small business community’.

Tax and NICs changes putting additional pressure on payroll teams

CloudPay: ‘Having already invested resources into planned increases in NI only to face a reversal of this in September, teams will now need to brace for the planned tax increases across the country’.

Skills shortages remain a concern

APSCo: ‘The UK needs urgent action to rebalance skills availability, including a suitable visa route for international highly skilled contractors, a flexible approach to apprenticeships and an Employment Bill that is appropriate in the modern, flexible world of work’.

Thousands of people take advantage of online payment plans to pay self-assessment

HMRC: ‘We’re here to help customers get their tax right and if you are worried about how to pay your self-assessment bill, help and support is available’.

Employers urged to create compassionate culture for pregnancy or baby loss

CIPD: ‘Pregnancy and baby loss affects people across the UK every day. Workplace support can make a real difference to employees during a difficult time’.