Author: Jaime Thorpe

Changes to Digital Right to Work legislation next month

Xydus: ‘Despite the short time until these laws come into force, many businesses we hear from are rather unprepared for the changes’.

Report looks at what makes a company a good place to work

Ciphr: ‘I don’t think any employer should underestimate the importance and impact that the relationships that employees have with their colleagues can have on individual and team performance, morale, productivity, and even retention’.

Small Business Commissioner warning over late payments

Small Business Commissioner, Liz Barclay: ‘If we look economically, small businesses are put at risk and can’t manage their cash flow if they don’t have payment certainty or know when payments will be made’.

More UK businesses turning to contractors

APSCo: ‘What our statistics are also indicating is that more businesses are turning to contract professionals as they struggle to fill resourcing needs’.

Newly registered businesses reminded to sign up for MTD

LITRG: ‘HMRC should amend their guidance as soon as possible so that businesses looking to register for VAT, who do not have professional advisers, are made aware of their MTD obligations at the earliest opportunity’.

Employers urged to look beyond degree qualifications when hiring

CIPD: ‘Employers need to stop thinking that generic university degrees are always the best indicator of a person’s potential at work’.

HMRC will not be changing notice period for newly self-employed

CIOT: ‘We believe the current Income Tax Self-Assessment registration process works well for most taxpayers, and there is insufficient evidence to change the current statutory deadline’.

Incentive payments only boost performance short-term

Researchers have found no evidence that employees perform better at incentivized tasks in the wake of obtaining incentive payments.